Friday, September 17, 2010

HP Envy 14 Laptops Review

Friday, September 17, 2010

HP Envy 14 Laptops ReviewHP's high-end Resentment connexion of laptops is one of the few aglitter symptom for laptop program in an industry currently filled with midprice impressible boxes. With a solidly improved (but slightly too industrial) aluminium and magnesium chassis and a open group of components, we liked the seminal 13- and 15-inch versions of the Enviousness, but they were priced out of contact for most.

The new 14-inch Want 14 (we ever eff logical product traducement) adds separate graphics to finally period's 13-inch Begrudge 13, patch descending the play toll by almost one base to $999. That gets you an Intel Ngo i3 CPU, but upgrading to a more omnipotent Nucleus i5, as in our refresh unit, exclusive bumps the value up to $1,049 (Nucleus i7 and quad-core options are also usable, at prices up to $1,600).

The Want 14 looks uppercase and generally runs enthusiastic, but there are also a handful of minor preventive issues that seem out of residence on a high-end laptop. Using the product hold buttons automatically brings up an on-screen production bar that bumps you out of full-screen games; the multitouch affect pad comfort has ail with its two-finger holograph functions; and this laptop had irregular perturbation waking up out of a kip state--more so than we've seen in a Windows 7 laptop in whatever clip.


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