Sunday, February 28, 2010

Installing Service Manual Mac OSX Leopard on Asus EeePC 1005HA

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Installing Service Manual Mac OSX Leopard on Asus EeePC 1005HA
Update 2: Changed the my package with better sound-kext, now with Preference Pane, you will get a higher max. volume.
Update 1: Filled out the missing parts about installing new trackpad kexts.

This guide will give you an almost perfect OSX installation. We will use 10.5.6 and don’t update to 10.5.8 becouse that gives us trouble with batterymeter and sleep. So stay at 10.5.6 (it’s the same thing)


* CPU with hyperthreading
* Sleep
* Trackpad with two-finger scroll, two finger tap and many more features
* Sound (internal speakers and phones)
* Graphics with full QE/CI and dual-monitor with VGA
* Screen brightness buttons
* Camera (fully working with Photo Booth)
* Batterymeter with time remaining and percentage
* Wifi (with Dell 1510 or other halfsize PCI cards)


1. Burn iDeneb to a DVD and boot it with a USB to SATA adapter, or put iDeneb on a USB-memory. (Guide)
2. Boot the media with ”Esc-key” when you see the first screen, select it.
3. Let it load iDeneb installation
4. Follow the wizard, until you need to select drive, open up Disk Utility and format the drive to ”Mac OS Extended (journaled)”
5. Quit Disk Utility and select the drive, continue.
6. Press Customize and select ICHx Fixed, FireWire Remove, GMA950 under Video/Intel/ and select Kext Helper, OSx86Tools.
7. Start the installation


1. The system cant boot by itself yet, so keep the bootable media in. Press F8 and type: ”rd=disk0s1 -v -f” and hit return.
2. After a while it should booted into OSX, first you have to fill out the wizard.
3. Now extract the package i provided and install Chameleon 2.0 (folder Bootloader + DSDT/) first of all, do not reboot.
4. Install the DSDT-patch i made (thanks to fassl) by moving dsdt.aml to ”Extra/” folder in root.
5. Open Kext Helper and install all the kexts in the folder ”Kexts/” and ”Kexts/ACPI Fix” (check /System/Library/Extensions/ to be sure all kexts installed fine, they are all color marked)
6. Reboot your netbook, it should now boot fine by itself
7. Check if Hyperthreading works in Activity Monitor, try sleep trough Apple menu, check if batterymeter and if time remaining works)
8. To fix resolution and full QE/CI install all kexts in ”Graphics/GMA950/”
9. Open folder ”/System/Library/Extensions/” and find ”Natit.kext”, remove it! Don’t reboot yet!
10. Open ”/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/” with Text Editor and add the string from ”EFI String.rtf” there might already be a ”device-properties” so just add the string below.
11. Save! If it doesnt allow you to save, right click the folder ”SystemConfiguration” and the file ”” and change the Permissions to allow you to write.
12. Reboot, and when it is loaded up, you should have full resolution with QE/CI
13. Install the "VoodooHDA.kext" from "/Sound" with kexthelper, move "VoodooHDA.prefPane" to "/Library/PreferencePanes/" and "voodoohdahelper to "/Library/StartupItems/".
14. Now it’s time to make the trackpad work as an Apple-trackpad! Install ”VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer” inside the Trackpad-folder. Do not reboot!
15. Extract ”VoodooPS2Controller.20090511.trackpad” and install the kexts with Kext Helper.
16. Do not forget to remove ApplePS2Controller from "/System/Library/Extensions/"
17. Reboot!
18. The trackpad should work, but the settings in Preference Pane doesnt save. You have to move ”org.voodoo.trackpad.configurationloader.plist” to ”/Library/LaunchAgents/” and replace the old one.
19. Open Terminal and write: ”chmod 644 /Volumes/OSX/Library/LaunchAgents/org.voodoo.trackpad.configurationloader.plist” (this is what it says in the Readme.rtf located in the folder ”Library/LaunchAgents”.
20. Reboot! Now trackpad settings should save (it’s a little bit flicky when you change settings, but works fine after a while) Be sure that you change settings in both the Trackpad pane and VoodooPS2Controller pane.
21. Congratulations! You have a very nice Leopard Netbook!


* If you dislike the iDeneb wallpaper and want the original Aurora one, replace the old with the one located in ”/Fixes”. You can also change the MacOSX.tif in About this mac.
* You can install VoodooPower.kext if you want the CPU to throttle, i dont like this, so i skipped that part!
* To fix the issue with Photo Booth not fitting the screen, replace it with the one i provided.

Thanks to "The Jack of Clubs"

* If you get the error "using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster io headers" its because you didnt read the guide and need to boot to the cd with the "rd=disk#s#" and install the ACPI fix.
* If you do "rd=" and it gives a missing root error its because you are either on the wrong harddisk "disk#" or the wrong partition/slice "s#". you installed it, where did you install it at? You should know this.
* If you didn't install the DSDT fix and it wont boot add "cpus=1" then boot up and do the guide properly so you can use your whole cpu.
* If you cant tell whats going on and you just see a gray apple logo, add "-v" so you can read your problem.


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