Monday, February 1, 2010

Technology Picture Monitor LCD

Monday, February 1, 2010

Picture Monitor LCD
There are many reasons why more and more LCD Monitor chosen people. Not only because of the cheap price, but LCD is also friendly to your health as compared to CRT monitors.

LCD technology works with the liquid crystal light and backlight shot without involving electrons, so the more friendly on the eyes. Forms a thin also can be placed to create the table. create distance between the screen and users become more remote. Therefore, the LCD monitor is the right choice if you kantoran employees who often berkutat in front of the computer to do their tasks

DisplaySearch's latest data show, wide-screen monitor sales in the first quarter 2007 increased 40% compared to fourth quarter 2006. Even the LCD monitor 19-inch wide screen successfully occupied the third position of the order size is at most in the world, replace the LCD screen 15-inch standard, with a total sale of 5.8 million units (the number one and two are 17-inch monitor and 19 inch standard display.

Daftar Harga Monitor LCD LG ,Samsung,GTC ,Advance dan Acer di indonesia:

* LCD LG 16″ W 1642S (WideScreen) Rp 1.175.000
* LCD LG 17″ L1753S Rp1.395.000
* LCD LG 17″ L177WSB (WideScreen) Rp1.375.000
* LCD LG 19″ L1952S Rp1.995.000
* LCD LG 18.5″ W1941S (WideScreen) Rp 1.435.000
* LCD Samsung 16″ 632/633NW Rp.1.140.000
* LCD Samsung 17″ 743NX Rp1.370.000
* LCD Samsung 17″ 732NW (WideScreen) Rp 1.370.000
* LCD Samsung 18.5″ 943SNX Rp 1.530.000
* LCD Samsung 19″ 932B+ WideScreen Rp 2.030.000
* LCD Relion 15″ (WideScreen) Rp 1.065.000
* LCD GTC 15″ Rp 1.060.000
* LCD GTC 17″ WideScreen Rp 1.165.000
* LCD Advance 15″ V1540 WideScreen (DOT) Rp 1.040.000
* LCD Advance 17″ WideScreen (DOT) Rp 1.155.000
* LCD Acer 16″ X163W Rp 1.155.000
* LCD Acer 17″ V173W Rp. 1.390.000

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