Monday, January 11, 2010

Apple MacBook 2008 Release

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's big news whenever Apple announces new products and now Apple’s bestselling consumer notebook receives the long rumored major redesign that is no doubt, another stunner. Just when you thought Apple couldn’t make the previous generation MacBook any better, they come around and offer this aluminum and glass beauty that is even thinner, lighter, and more powerful than before. Now that Apple has brought its renewed MacBooks ($1299 starting) and MacBook Pros ($1999 starting) even closer together by offering the same design, engineering, and -for the first time on the MacBook - aluminum body to both notebook lines, the once straightforward consumer and pro-line product differentiation is slowly fading away. Is this the best MacBook to date? Is it safe to call the MacBook, the MacBook Pro "mini"?
* - Aluminum enclosure
* - Dedicated nVidia GPU
* - Buttonless glass trackpad with Multi-Touch
* - Revolutionary unibody construction
* - Light and thin
* - Stunning design

* - No FireWire
* - Somewhat pricey
* - No external monitor-out adapter included
* - Buttonless trackpad takes some getting used to
* - No digital media card reader


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