Friday, January 8, 2010

Instalasi Windows XP for Harddisk SATA

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some time ago a friend who came to ask for help. He just bought a new notebook without the operating system. She has tried installing the Windows XP operating system on notebooks, but can not always just. He said after the drive is not detected aggrement. Finally, the notebook up to my desk.

At first I also tried to do the same thing to make sure what really happened. But it seems that my friends say is true. Finally, I tried to go into the BIOS, check the specifications and see, this seems notebooks use SATA.

Previously I've installed Windows XP on a desktop PC with a SATA hard drive and successfully. But then I use the floppy SATA drivers built PC. In this case it seems impossible to do, because in addition there are no SATA drivers, this notebook also does not have disk drives.

Finally I tried googling, and met N-lite application. With this application we can do re-bundling of Windows XP. With N-lite we can add a specific option in the installation process, both patching, drivers, hotfix etc.
To make re-bundle the Windows XP installer, you must have:

1. Installer Windows XP,
2. SATA drivers in accordance with the specifications notebook / desktop,
3. Blank CDs
Okay we begin ..

Here are the steps installer bundling of Windows XP plus SATA drivers:
* Run the application N-lite, if you do not have it you can download it here, then install.
* Follow the N-lite to patch up the installer determine the choice of Windows XP that you have, for example in D: \ WinXP-patch. Then click Next

N-lite installer will detect your Windows XP. If no problem then will appear the information about the installer you use. Then click Next.

You will be asked about any task you want done.

You simply select the drivers and bootable ISO. But you can also choose another task, and suit your needs. Then click Next.

The next process is to determine the location where the SATA drivers which we have prepared (adjusted with SATA drivers on your notebook / desktop that you install).

To enter a driver, you just need to click the Insert button. You will be asked if you would add only 1 file or a lot of drivers just drivers. In this paper I take multiple drivers. Once you select a single driver or multiple drivers, you will be asked to determine the location of the relevant drivers. Determine the location of your SATA driver, and then click OK.

After the process of determining the location of this driver, you will be faced with many choices SATA drivers. Please adjust your SATA type. If you are not sure which one, you can choose all the drivers are shown. Then click Next.

* N-lite will process all the changes you desire task. After the process is complete, N-lite will display the latest information from the Windows XP installer plus the drivers you are after. Then click Next.

The last process, the installer of Windows XP plus your SATA drivers are ready to save the ISO file, or you can directly do to the CD burning process. Remember, this option will only appear if you select a bootable ISO on the previous task selection process.

* Wait until the burning process is complete.
* Now you can install Windows XP on your SATA drives using the new installer you are burning.
Good luck, good luck.


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