Friday, January 8, 2010

Install Windows XP di Compaq Presario V3906 Part 1

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some time ago, I bought a new laptop Compaq Presario V3906 that I bought it to replace a laptop jadulku IBM has accompanied me for about 4 years. This laptop OS bawaanya Free-DOS only be nginstall got his own OS, initially I thought hell would be an easy thing like install Windows as usual. Without thinking I immediately keluarin aja deh duit tuh laptop to take. With a flowery heart I brought home to lapie deh tu kos-kosan, can not wait aja pengen quickly and directly mo nyampe nginstalin windows Xp on Compaq Presario V3906 laptop which is still this emptiness.

Once the cosmic nyampe direct kosan aku unloading boxes, I keluarin all its contents and I nyadar if it's Compaq Presario V3906 laptop is not accompanied by congenital drivers in the purchase package, "oh how careless I was" I thought to myself. Have quizzed quizzed output Compaq laptop was it was not accompanied by congenital drivers, so if ya want to be the driver must search ndiri on the internet. Fortunately, the cosmic intrenet kosan no free access. Results from ngoprek tips and tricks free internet I learned from various forums, which I was finally able to free internetan full.

Finally I was googling and found the drivers of this Compaq Presario v3906. I downloaded all the drivers for both windows xp and windows vista. When you have finished downloading all at once I open the first laptop I'm setting bootnya on cd-rom and I also enter all the master of Windows XP into the cd-rom, then I restart and boot from the Windows XP CD. The installation process began, but the results proved a total failure gatot alias. This especially Aarrgh getting dizzy wrote, I ended up googling again and found that due errornya master windows cd which I have not tried to install drivers for SATA, so yes mo tried many times with the settings will remain gimana aja error.

Browsing there, here finally found a way how to install windows xp on a laptop that uses SATA as the platform.

What is needed is remastering additional windows with SATA RAID drivers for it. Tools used is a simple software that is nLite. Software can be downloaded in here but to run this program on your computer or laptop you must have installed Net Framework 2.0. can be downloaded here. and for the SATA drivers download here

nah as much for old, sleepy nih dah, the tutorial continues in part 2 of how to create a master or windows xp own remastering existing SATA drivers in it, and the third part is a step by step install hardware drivers Compaq Presario V3906 after installing windows xp successfully. step by step is required so that all hardware can be recognized by both the windows xp.


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